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  篇一:我的工作My Job

  I’m a kindergarten teacher. I’m proud and happy to do this job, to help cultivate the future of our country. Everyday I get up at seven o’clock.Afterwashing my face and rinsing my mouth, I will go to the school gate to welcome the lovely kids. Then I show them to have breakfast. After breakfast, I will give class to them. Most of the classes are the common sense and some are dancing and singing classes. There comes the noon. I will make them have lunch and then they will go to bed for sleep. I also sleep at that time. In the afternoon, they will have one class and then is the activity time. They leave shool at 4:30. It’s a rich day. Sometimes I feel tired, but I am happy. I love my job.

  我是一个幼儿园老师。我很骄傲也很开心去做这份工作,来帮助培养我们国家的未来。我每天七点起床。洗漱之后我会去学校门口迎接那些可爱的孩子。然后我带他们去吃早餐。早餐后我会给他们上课。大多课都是关于常识的,有些是跳舞和唱歌课。中午的时候 我会让他们吃完午餐,然后就上床睡觉。那个时候我也小睡了一下。下午,他们只有一堂课,然后是活动的时间。他们在4点半放学。很充实的一天。有时候我觉得很累,但我很开心。我****我的工作。

  篇二:工作——生活的一部分 Work as a Part of Life

  People’s attitudes towards work vary. Some people consider work as a way to achieve the value of life while others regard it as the whole life and spare no pains to pursue a successful career. As far as I am concerned, I consider that work is a necessary and significant part in our lives.


  For one thing, it is impossible for us to live without work. Work is not only a means to provide for ourselves and our family, but also a chance to achieve our value. We can make a living as well as use and display our ability and talent to achieve our value by work. In addition, we can make some friends and develop our interpersonal relationship by work to enrich our lives. Those who have no work will find that their lives are so boring and insignificant.


  For another, we should be aware of that work is just a means to achieve the value of life but cannot replace life itself totally. Therefore, we should enjoy our work so that we can enjoy our lives better.


  All in all, I advocate that work is a part of life. Thus, we should avoid being the slaves of work.


  篇三:以工作时间获得高报酬 Longer Working Hours, Higher-paying

  With the development of the society, people pay more concern on whether choose a high-paying job with long hours or a low-paying job with short hours. There are different opinions on it, and the topic.ruiwen.come more and more conspicuous.


  Every coin has two sides. The two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I support that a high-paying job with long hours is better. One of the reasons is that I am a workaholic, a high-paying job with long hours can afford more opportunities to make great progress to challenge myself, and the success will satisfy my sense of achievement to a great extent. And what I want to emphasize is that this is an economic society which requires me to see the reality clearly. A high-paying job means a high position in the society, so I can get more respect and admiration from others. I should also take on the responsibility of providing a better life for my family, such as a big house, a private car, plenty of food, beautiful clothes, the best education and medical treatments and so on. What’s more, in the long run, with a high paying-job, I’ll save up much money for the life in the future, in other words, even though I retire in old age, I can still give my family an easy life. Last but not least, we are young now, if we don’t work hard, what do we live for when we get old in the future?